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"So I wanted to get my hair texturized, but I was terrified: terrified of damage to my scalp, terrified of over-processing and losing my curls, terrified of no longer being "natural"... I cut off all of my relaxed hair five years ago and have been natural ever since. Well I am so glad to have found Tinika! She was amazing -- she understood my hair type, understood my vision for my hair (still curly, just a bit looser!), expertly texturized my natural hair while preserving the curls' definition and texture, and then conditioned and styled it after. She talked me through the whole thing, and then gave me tips on how to best maintain and enhance my curls. I couldn't stop touching my hair when I left the salon -- the curls just looked amazing! Tinika is an extremely knowledgable stylist!"

                                                                                                                             Alex H., Client


"I've been going to Tinika for about three years now. I can't believe I've never written a review. Before Tinika, I had a really bad experience at another salon, where the relaxer left burns on my scalp. From that day on I decided never to relax my hair again, which was a tough decision. My aunts had been relaxing my hair since I was 4. Once I found Tinika, it was a revelation. She really knows how to take care of natural hair. Straight styles, curls, my hair looks a hundred times better than it ever did in all my years of getting it relaxed. This is not an overstatement. It actually flows, has bounce, and now my hair is growing longer and thicker than I ever thought it could. Before Tinika, I never thought it was possible for me to love my hair.

Tinika is very good about not over booking so that her clients are not waiting long to be seen. You will be able to get your hair done in a reasonable amount of time and then enjoy your day or night. Her prices are reasonable for the area, especially considering the quality of work. I LOVE the way she applies color and highlights to my hair (I was always so afraid to do color in the past). She works with hair of all textures (not just natural hair).She is just an amazing person who genuinely cares about her clients."


                                                                                                                           Melissa N., Client/ Bride


''Tinika is a consummate hair professional. Her designs are creative and edgy. She also has a range of styles and expertise in her arsenal. She can get your hair ready for an evening out on the town, or for a morning interview, in very quick order.  She works fast, offers suggestions about styles that complement your beautiful face, style and look. Tinika is knowledgeable about the complexities of cultural hair. 

Tinika is time conscious, which I appreciate. She is also centrally located and her prices are reasonable. Her salon is clean, upbeat and comfortable. 

Finally, she is a hair color genius.  I highly recommend her to young and mature alike!''

                                                                                                                          Keatley S., Client




"Today is Oct. 22, 2010. I moved to North Carolina Oct of 2009. I have lived in NY, but I travel back and forth to see Tinika often. Guess who I text, Tinika as soon as the plane hits the Ground. My girl has been doing my hair since 2005. Yes I did try a hair sytlist in North Carolina, Nope! not what  I was use to. He gave me some old lady look, Not a Beverly Look at all. I met Tinika at a time when my hair was in bad shape. I worked on 34th St and 5th Ave in Manhattan. I needed a pick me up, so I went to the Beauty School and there was this young lady who spoke to me and said  "Miss Butler, "hello I'm Tinika, please follow me." I did and she sat me at a sink and started to run the water and noticed something was wrong with my hair.  She then asked me a question about my Hair Care and Scalp treatment. I answered her questions then it was on. She styled, clipped and treatmented my hair and I didn't have to tell her how I wanted my hair.  Long story short, I walked out of her chair not just looking good but feeling  like a Goddess. So years and years later here I am again walking out from seeing Tinika feeling like a Godess again.  Whenever I can get to see her in NY traveling from NC, I'm more than happy too.  
Tinkia will always find room to squeeze me in.
God Bless you.  I love You More.

                                                                                                                             Beverly B.,





"Dear Tinika,

I just wanted to thank you for styling my hair for the Wedding. You did a lovely job and I was so glad by late evening that I had hired you to do my hair.  It would have never stayed so nice that long if I had done it myself.  Wanted you to know that I appreciated what you did! I had such unrealistic expectations starting out as I never had my hair done professionally.  You were terrific and gracious and I just wanted to tell you so!"

                                               Cinda,  Mother of the Groom



You had me in tears the day of our trial run but on my Wedding day I was in absolute awe of how gorgeous my hair looked and couldn't even shed a tear.  You have an amazing talent given from GOD and I am thankful to have been blessed with it.  Thank You so much for making me look so beautiful!!!"

                                                        Tania,  Bride

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